Jul 24, 2014

FASHION / time for something new

dress / bag - vintage               shoes - new look              ring - cos              sunglasses - unknown

Hii Guys!

I'm sorry for the lack of photos in this post, but I have a good reason. The weather here in The Netherlands has been extremely hot for a couple of days now, and it will be untill next week. And although I really like the summer, the heat does give me lots of headaches. And so it did today. I woke up just fine, but after lunch my head started pounding. Still, I didn't want to waste my whole day so I forced myself to go outside and take a few, quick outfit photos. The quality of the photos is also a bit poor, my camera is slowly giving up on me. I bought my beloved Sony Alpha 3 years ago so it's time I start looking for a replacement. This camera is a really good camera for inexperienced photographers, which I was at the time, but now I feel like I'm ready for something better!

Can anyone of you recommend a good SLR camera?

Jul 22, 2014

MBFWA / Monday : David Laport and Paul Schulten

1/2 - David Laport              3/4 - Paul Schulten

Hii Guys!

And we're down to the last Amsterdam Fashionweek related post already. In this last post I want to show you some photographs I took during the show of David Laport and Paul Schulten. But as you can see, this post contains a lot less photographs than the previous catwalk posts. That's because of two reasons. 1) I couldn't take proper photographs because my seats were more in the back than the other two days. 2) I simply didn't take that many photographs because I didn't like the collections that much! 

The collection by David Laport wasn't bad at all, he showed us some gorgeous dresses and skirts. But the collection as a whole just didn't make that much of an impression on me like other collections had in the days before. Of course this is completely personal. The last show of day, which was also the closing of Amsterdam Fashionweek, was by Paul Schulten. Unfortunately, I was deeply disappointed by his collection. There were only two dresses that really spoke to me, the ones you can see above. During the show I noticed that the front row was filled with 'older women', and they loved every single piece of the collection. The even applaused for every model that walked by them haha. So I guess Paul Schulten his collection was made for an older audience, which explains why I thought it was a bit oldfashioned haha!

From now on things will be back to normal, starting of with my disposables from Barcelona!

Jul 20, 2014

FASHION / Amsterdam Fashionweek outfit three

dress - asos                  jacket - zara                shoes - vintage              bag - oasap

Hii Guys!

Here is my last outfit from Amsterdam Fashionweek. On the last day, which was last Monday, I attended two shows with Eline and Cherelle. In between the shows we took some photo's of eachother and had dinner and an icecream somewhere in the city. It was a perfect ending of a perfect fashionweek. Next up will be my last post about Fashionweek. 

Today I'm going to Werfpop in Leiden with Dylan. We're going to see Chef'Special and Dope DOD, and probably eat a lot of churros and other festival food haha. 

Jul 18, 2014

MBFWA / Sunday : Dorhout Mees, Verena Michels and Tony Cohen

1/2/3 - Dorhout Mees          4/5 - Verena Michels           6/7/8 - Tony Cohen

Hii Guys!

Today I want to share the catwalk photographs I took on the 4th day of Amsterdam Fashionweek. I saw 4 collections this day, and again took a lot of photographs. The ones above show my favourite outfits. I think I enjoyed this day the most, all the collections consisted of wearable clothing which I would actually wear myself. If I ever have the money haha. 

The first 3 photographs show the beautiful creations by Dorhout Mees. Her collection named 'O' was inspired by water and water crystals transforming in certain environments. This explains the blue colours she used. I think the blue dresses are absolutely stunning. I think I even liked this collection better than her last one, which I saw in January. (see photo's here

The 4th and 5th photo are taken during the show of Verena Michels. Her collection was inspired by the aesthetics of residual materials. She used handmade woolen fabrics and other loose materials. This resulted in very fine design, industrial rawness but still delicate. Her collection also had a few amazing sweaters in it, which actually made me miss winter. Unfortunately those photographs aren't really sharp. 

On the the last 3 photographs we see the sping summer collection 2015 by Tony Cohen. He used a lot black, whites and greys, which I personally love. His collection is based on sharp shapes and effortless sensibility. The models wore gorgeous, minimalistic blazers, dresses and hats. Besides a large women collection, he also showed a mens collection. 

I still got 2 fashionweek themed posts for you, one outfit and one catwalk post!

Jul 16, 2014

FASHION / Amsterdam Fashionweek outfit two

top / pants / belt - vintage                 bag - oasap                  shoes - new look                ring - cos

Hii Guys!

Here is the outfit I wore last Sunday at the 4th day of Amsterdam Fashionweek! I decided to go all vintage this time, and I have to say I really like this outfit. At first I thought the top would be too much combined with the already printed pants. But it turned out to look pretty cool. Besides that, this outfit is extremely comfortable, which is rather handy when you have to walk around all day haha. As you can see I didn't wear much jewelry either, just some silver earrings and my new ring from Cos. Which I got from Dylan as a belated birthday present. It's a very minimalistic ring, but it makes your hands look so more classy haha. I'm really happy with it!

Just like last Friday I met up with Eline, but Sunday I also got to meet Yvet. Who btw also took these photographs of me, thank you Yvet! I had a lovely time with these girls, and I hope a lot more days like these are to come. 

Stay tuned for my favourite runway collections of this day!

Jul 14, 2014

MBFWA / Friday : Ilja Visser and Maaike Fransen

^ Ilja Visser ^
^ Maaike Fransen ^

Hii Guys!

Here are the first photographs from the catwalk at Amsterdam Fashionweek. I already showed you the outfit I wore last Friday, and now it's time to talk about the shows I attended that day. I took more than 200 photographs of the five shows I saw, so it was hard to pick a few for the blog. That's why I decided to pick my two favourite shows of the day. Which, in this case, were the show by Ilja Visser and Maaike Fransen. 

Ilja Visser showed here Spring Summer Collection 2015, inspired by Kinetic Arts. The main point of Kinetic Arts the relationship between gravity and the freedom of movement. The collection follows this principe and focusses on the relationship between model and clothing. Ilja Visser used a great variety of fabrics, each with it's own structure and fit. I really liked this collection, the clothing is wearable and very classy. Besides that, the models in this show were breathtaking!

Maaike Fransen her show was completely different. Here collection was like a little art show, each clothing piece a work of art. The models had these weird things on their faces and they even carried a baby around! My favourite piece of the collection must be the skirt with the coloured balls. If I had to choose the most remarkable show, it would be this one!

Yesterday I attended three more shows, and today I'll have my last two. Stay tuned for my Amsterdam Fashionweek outfit number two!