Aug 12, 2014

INSPIRATION / Like a virgin.

all dresses - mango

Hii Guys!

In my last post I had already warned you about the fact that it will be rather quiet on the blog these upcoming weeks. Tomorrow I'm packing my bags and stocking some of the last things I need for Lowlands. I'm leaving Thursday morning with Shani and Shanna and I'll be returning home Monday. I will try to post something in between Lowlands and the start of my introduction week on Tuesday. But that depends on how much is left of me after 4 days of non-stop partying haha. 

Anyway, today I didn't feel like taking any outfit pictures. Some days you just feel 'ugly' you know? No matter how many pictures I take, I'm never satisfied. And that's why I decided to share some gorgeous dresses with you instead. I've been looking for a white dress for quite some time now, because I need one for a wedding event. Everyone has to wear white, but since I don't own a white dress yet, it's a good excuse to buy one! And than I stumbled across Mango's webshop. They have soooo many white dresses at the moment that it's hard to choose. The ones above are my favourites, and now the hardest part of shopping has arrived ; I have to choose one. I thought it might come in hand to hear which one you like the best.

Which of the dresses above is your favourite?

Aug 8, 2014

FASHION / A garden full of butterflies.

dress / jacket - oasap                shoes - new look               ring - cos

Hii Guys!

Sorry for the quiet days on the blog, but I have a lot of fun things planned for these last weeks of my holiday. Which means there's less time for blogging unfortunately. Next week I'm going to Lowlands and immediately after that, the introduction week of the university starts. And then in the last week of August I'll be home alone, so that means a lot of friends are coming over! I can't believe how fast the last two months have gone by. At first I thought I would bore myself to death during a 3-month-during-holiday, but I was wrong. Of course I've had my lazy days, but in general I've been busy with all kinds of stuff. 

Yesterday was a fun day as well, I visited the zoo with Dylan and my little sister. Dylan took these photographs of me in the butterfly garden. Which is definitely one of my favourite places in the zoo, besides the jellyfishes. I could stare at those for hours haha. Anyway, I wore my new dress and jacket from Oasap. I received them a few days ago in the mail and I'm really happy with them. The dress has that beautiful flow when you're walking, and that always makes me feel so sassy haha!

And that's it for now. Today I'm going shopping for a new desk chair, because mine broke the other day.

Aug 4, 2014

FASHION / Belly buttons represent.

skirt - monki                top - h&m              shoes - new look              bag - oasap

Hii Guys!

Today I bring to you a very simple outfit. I'm wearing black basics which you can probably wear to any kind of event. Except a wedding maybe haha. The weather here in The Netherlands is still extremely good, so I'm wearing a lot of crop tops, now that it's still possible. Because in this country we go from sunshine to rain in just a second. Today I enjoyed the sun quitely in my backyard with a good book and a smoothie. I just started reading in The Circle, when I've finished it I'll let you know if it's worth the read. I might could even do a book review haha! Yesterday on the other hand, I didn't see much of the sun since I visited the Museum of the Image (MOTI) in Breda with Dylan. They had some cool modern art there! I took some pictures with my phone, which you can see on my Instagram here!

And that's it for now!

Aug 2, 2014

INSPIRATION / It's time for some change.

images - various tumblr

Hii Guys!

Lately I've been bored by my own hairstyle. It's getting really long again and for the first time in my life I don't like it that way. It just hangs loose around my face and it bothers me, a lot. So, it's time for a massive change. I'm going short! I'm still doubting about what length I want, just above or over my shoulders? And the colour, should I go as blond as possible, or get it dyed a greyish colour? And what about the style, a middle parting or a side parting? I think I just keep on searching for the perfect photograph to show my hairdresser. So that she can look at the photograph instead of following my explanation of what I want. Because that didn't always work out in the past haha.

What do you think I should get?

Jul 30, 2014

FASHION / on wednesday we wear black

dress - persunmall                     jacket - oasap                  shoes - new look                ring- cos

Hii Guys!

Another outfit in front of this white garage wall! I think this is going to be my new favourite outfit spot. The only downside of this spot is the lightning. The light is different in almost every photograph, but that has also to do with the sun of course. Anyways, I don't feel like writing a story right now. Today has been a lazy day, so it's not like I have a lot to tell you anyway. 

Just a quick reminder that I have made an Instagram account, you can find it here @manonmargaretha

Jul 28, 2014

FASHION / black meets blue

blazer - vintage                      top - mango                 velvet leggings / necklace - oasap                shoes - new look

Hii Guys!

Whoever said that black and blue don't go together, was incredibly wrong. And I use this outfit as proof. I love how the blue blazer pops out when combined with an all black outfit. When my sister saw me wearing this, she asked if the blazer was new. Which it's not, but it does give you an idea of how little I wear this blazer. And then I thought, why? It's one of the best quality vintage pieces I've ever bought and still it's hiding in my closet most of the time. So, I decided that from now on I'm going to get all these hidden pieces out of the closet and give them what they deserve : a body that wears them! Making new outfits with old pieces of clothing can be a tough task, but when you succeed it feels amazing!

And guys I have some news, I finally made an Instagram account! I'm still new, so I would love to find some nice people to follow. You can find me here or search for @manonmargaretha!